The Grand Sham

Assistant DA   Danielle's words of September 15, 2018: Remember when I was assaulted and the assistant DA told the investigators at the sheriff departments to not investigate it after I filed a report? I then went to the assistant DA asking why he was refusing me a fair investigation and he said they would... Continue Reading →

Initial Shelter Care Hearing

This would be the last time the Holms ever trusted their government or the system in place to represent justice. This was the first hearing they would attend, their state appointed attorneys having assured them immediately before court that if they answered all the questions asked they would get their baby back. Hours before, they... Continue Reading →

Holm Timeline

The link below will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that it won't matter what you do when your child is taken. The child was never taken to be returned. Never give up, but understand that your government has declared war on you and your children, and all of the available resources of the state will... Continue Reading →

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