Who are the Holms?


They have spent a whole year on Facebook explaining everything they believe and everything they have done in attempting to rescue their son from the child-traffickers who have taken him. This sampling of gathered links tell in their own words who they are. Most of these are from Facebook pages. They have their own public facebook page titled #FREEBABYHOLM.


Here are some excerpts of many things they have said. This compilation was made during a dangerous period of time in their journey to recover their baby. They had shut down their Facebook page a few hours previous to my publishing this note:

Who Are The Holms Facebook Note.

This more recent update was posted by Danielle after they made their decision to begin walking again in order to share their story with people they meet along the journey. They would no longer be able to visit their baby after Danielle reported the signs of abuse her son manifested at their last visit. The state informed them there would be a restraining order immediately filed against them. The reason? On the Holm’s Facebook page they referred to the DHR personnel as part of a virus.

No more visits with Holm baby for referring to DHR as a virus.

Most people who spend very much time on the web become internet savvy to troll behavior. The relentless hounding that the Holms have dealt with this year is represented in just this small sample of what appeared never ending on their original Facebook group #freebabyholm. Over 4,000 people joined and followed, but the Holms suffered from the never-ending troll activity. They left that site, took a break, and have since opened another, but trolls tag team each other to keep the orneriness going. One who started a Holm hate group, Robert Baty, decided stalking on the web wasn’t good enough. He drove to Heflin, Alabama, to follow them around town and harass them further. They preach love and forgiveness. Why such a threat?

Setting the Trap



Another example:

The Witchhunt Continues


They are repeatedly asked how they view the scriptures to obey all laws and submit to all authorities. The trolls incessantly fill the Facebook group site with page after page of accusations, insisting that they somehow have failed to comply, are refusing to obey the laws, etc., etc. This was Christian’s beautiful answer to them all.

Christian Holm to Steven Allen: Romans 13: “Everyone must submit to the
governing authorities, for there is no authority except from GOD and those that exist are instituted by God. So then, the one who resists the authority is opposing God’s command and those who oppose it will bring judgement on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct but to bad. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? DO WHAT IS GOOD and you will have its approval. For Government is God’s SERVANT for your good. But, if you do wrong, be afraid because it does not carry the sword for no reason. For government is God’s servant, an avenger that brings wrath on the one who does
wrong”……. WE HAVE DONE NO WRONG…..the law is meant to usher the immature minds who are lost from God into righteousness. When one has GOD as their ultimate authority, how can one do wrong? If the government is persecuting those who DO NO WRONG, then who is IN the wrong? If the government persecutes those who have broken no laws in the first place, then why must the non-law breaker submit to a corrupt “authority” figure. That corrupt “authority” is then not listening to God, therefore NOT in position for God. For God does not put those in position he cannot trust. ROMANS 13:8-
“Do not owe anyone anything, except to LOVE one another, for the one who loves another has FULFILLED THE LAW. ALL are summed up by this: Love your neighbor as yourself. Love does NO wrong to a neighbor. Love, therefore is the fulfillment of the law.”

Danielle has a few college degrees and a lot of experience in her young life . This gives her quite an understanding of what is happening to them. In her own words:


They have been accused of being sov-cit. This is what they have to say about that as Christian refutes any connection with Sov-cit when he is asked how he felt about a recent media portrayal.

Christian Holm: What we see the most wrong with the article is this: “Holm and his wife, Danielle, have no house and live off the grid. They gave away their possessions and decided to enjoy life by hiking and camping out. When the two wanted to see the country, they put their car in storage and walked from Alabama to New Hampshire and back.” The TRUTH is that it was not as selfish as this makes us seem. We did not go camping for pleasure. We dropped our possessions to be able to not be in bondage to STUFF and instead gave to the poor, and walked to show others it could be done, and to reach many more people personally. Also, although we do not have a HOUSE….we DO have shelter as we live in a camper at this time and have now for months. And, no we did not walk from Alabama to NH and back. We lived in New Hampshire before we started traveling. We traveled down south, then across the entire country to Colorado,
then down south and back over to Alabama. Once we got back to Alabama, we dropped off car in Montgomery and walked to Talladega National Forest. Everything else they apparently took from Anniston Star and Facebook.
Susan Cobb: They completely got off focus that you were missionaries and this was a spiritual journey. They made it somehow about something else (you were just having fun like teenagers) but they did give a nod to your faith. Also when I read it I got
the feeling that you were desiring to be irresponsible in your decisions, which I don’t believe is true at all. I wonder if many may read this and learn of the travesty but not realize your child was stolen because you were of the “wrong religion” and they pegged you for uneducated drifters who wouldn’t be able to put up a fight in their child trafficking scheme? Focusing on the Social Security number in the title is a non-issue because it wasn’t against the law, making the kidnapping seem like a justifiable act. Subtle but powerful influence away from the trauma inflicted at the tent (not
mentioned), the trauma inflicted ripping your baby out of your arms while nursing (not mentioned) and the expectation that everyone should expect you to be all right with this. Forgive me for being so critical but I hope this just doesn’t cause more despair in an already despairing nation over loss of our civil rights. We can’t lose what we refuse to give up fighting for and there is real hope for the future. I sent a comment to them (newspaper). I won’t get my feelings hurt if they don’t print it but the stuff I’m sending out doesn’t mince words. I am outraged and there is no way any of this is ever going to be acceptable or softened with how the other side might look at things!

Christian Holm: We totally agree. Because we apparently are having a hard time trusting people at this time, we are realizing we do not know if their article was meant to help and they just didn’t get our story completely, or if they were doing
it on purpose to hurt us. We will never know.

Christian Holm: Susan Cobb, you need to be our PR/agent/manager. Haha.

Tonya Henry: Christian Holm There is a comments section at the end of the article.. Maybe you could post the facts in that

Christian Holm: We actually did that. Thank you Tonya Henry.

Julie Wall: Yeah, some of those things did not sound right to me…thanks for clarifying

Christian Holm: Was there anything else specifically I can clarify for you?

Tonya Turner Quinn: I just want to know why? Why it was any ones business besides you two about the social security number and stuff. I pray you get your sweet baby back soon.

Christian Holm: Its not. Its not even law to get them. its a voluntary program. ENUMERATION AT BIRTH PROGRAM. But, the entire thing is deeper than that. They just wanted our baby and they did everything they could to make excuses for why
when there weren’t any.

Torie Rice: I know you’ve probably answered these questions before but I’m curious and missed them. I have 2 questions, my first one is for a few days I saw some posts about some sort of assault while still at the campground where someone tried to check Danielle’s cervix without permission. What happened? Why were they there at your
campsite and trying to perform a medical examination at a campground?
And my 2nd question is, have you guys looked into getting a lawyer? Would it help your case at all? For me personally a 2 week open and shut case over a failed drug test at my first prenatal appointment (and multiple multiple clean drug tests at every appointment afterwards) was drug out for 6 months. Once I realized they had absolutely
no grounds to take any action, and after I got the court order signed by the judge stating my children will remain in my home, I told the caseworker she was no longer allowed on my property or allowed to contact me or my family directly any further and that I would have my lawyer contact her (I didn’t even have one but had full intentions of finding one) she then back tracked what she was saying and quickly closed my case in a week.

Christian Holm: Torie Rice. It says most of the story here for your first question:

Medical Kidnap Article

Your second question. We have very different fundamental beliefs from most lawyers, so we have found most lawyers cannot really truly help us 100%, like they should, for you cannot serve 2 masters. You will love one and hate the other. If a lawyer is truly for us they don’t care so much about threats of getting disbarred and losing their career but if they are somewhat for us but mostly for not getting disbarred for standing up against a corrupt system then they aren’t truly for us 100% and playing it “safe” in this game will only hurt us and our family in the long run. So until we have someone who wants to take this as their last case before retiring then we stand alone and we are fine with that.
Baby of Parents Who Declined Birth Certificate Still Not Returned in…

Torie Rice: Well I don’t know any lawyers I could refer you too, but I personally know a few people who were originally caseworkers for DHR who quit and became lawyers specifically to fight the system. Keep looking, someone is out there who can help you they just may be hard to find 🙂 Thank you guys for always being so patient and willing to post and repost multiple times to answer everyone’s question 🙂

Susan Cobb: Christian, I do not believe Nancy Schaeffer was the only one willing to give her all. Have you contacted ACLJ? I only know they have a form to fill out on their web-site if you wish their help but I don’t know if it comes with a price tag or other considerations which would disqualify them for you. I do know they are dedicated to represent Christian first amendment religious freedom violations. Other than that, I don’t know of any lawyers who I could refer you to. My attorney would have been fantastic, but he is retired and unable to come out of retirement to take cases. He would have been probono too. There must be more like Will Hastings who still live, still can function, and still willing to give all for this nation’s constitution.

Susan Cobb: Christian Holm Some “colorful and interesting character” keeps popping up all over the place with anything related to you and he is fixated on sov-cit. Do you know anything about him or that? It apparently is on the FBI counterterrorism intel bulletins and labeled as domestic terrorists (100,000 of them anyway) These individuals are ranked more dangerous than Islamic terrorism. This fellow I am referring to obsesses in his desperation to tie you into that. He seems off a few degrees and I have wondered how to deal with him. I tried looking up sov-cit and this connection is really bizarre and I mention it because I believe it may be an attempt to tie you in with anti-government organizations. This is subterfuge and misleading statements interspersed to get everyone focused off-track from what really happened and what really matters. I have read your Biblical statements and it is clear you are not desiring to overthrow the present
government, that your heart is and has always been to obey the scriptures of Romans 13. I was profoundly affected by your interpretation of them (but now I can’t find that post). I believe you are being unfairly accused by those who wish to justify their heinous action. I believe the judgments of others are in agreement with those who continue to attack your genuine beliefs.

Christian Holm: We haven’t seen any of that. We don’t even know what sov-cit is and we do not agree with it. Who is this “interesting character” you speak of. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a paid troll who is paid to denounce people like us who follow the laws of Yahweh. His name out of many names is Robert Baty. He has many other names as well. His job is to bring us down. And no we do not want to overthrow the government. We do not agree with the corruption within government and neither does our creator. Our creator would not put people into authority positions that cannot be trusted. We are of love. Not of terrorism. Love covers all laws. When one loves one does no harm to anyone. It’s that simple. If you would like to lead us to this colorful character we can analyze it better to see who they are connected to. They are most likely working with the people who have a part in the kidnapping.

Susan Cobb: That is who it is!!! Yes, he is definitely off several degrees from center. I am going to post this reply of yours in a few places because this is key to one of the main things being used against you. The other key thing the adversary has may be familial relations and that is relatively easy to address. EVERYONE has encountered these difficulties, some to a greater degree than others. The fact that you speak love in the face of evil from the very ones who should love you the most is powerful refutation against the enemy’s accusation speaking through their lips. But because you actually DO love
them it is much more painful to deal with personally. Nothing else I have investigated gives your accusers any leg to stand on. They must keep repeating the same mantra over and over that you are rebelliously not cooperating with their demands.

On my site @stillworkingforJesus I am documenting those who HAVE cooperated fully. This we call the one, two punch.  And when it happens to you or someone you know, will you be able to pass the test?

Do what we say now or the kid gets it!




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