#28 Judge Walker Quits

44 Tape 28
Judge: Okay, we are here on JU88.01 in the matter of baby John Doe. Mr.
Kirby, you need another moment?
Mr. Kirby: Uh..we do. Your honor, I think Mr. and Mrs. Holm wanted to
have on the record that they were here for the hearing that was set this
afternoon, and Mr. Holm wanted to make a statement.
Christian: We would like to ask if we could have our child back, please?
We miss our child.
Danielle: We’ve done nothing wrong…
Christian: We love our child and we’ve done nothing wrong. We haven’t
broken any laws…
Danielle: We have everything that’s needed for him. We’ve had for the last
two months. There’s no need for this.
Judge: Okay, let me stop you right here. I pretty much understand your
position. However, today filed, I guess is a courtesy copy through this case
number what is purported to be a federal law suit filed in the northern
district, I believe. So, it has a filed stamp copy on it against the state of
Alabama Attorney General and then names me very much so, and
predominantly within the body of its 71 pages. As such, I have discussed
with my presiding judge per protocol and have entered an order of recusal.
I can take no further action on your behalf, or on your child’s behalf, or on
the state’s behalf. At this point it will have to be assigned to an alternate
judge. I’m sorry. Adjourned.

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