Stolen Baby Business-Holm Kidnapping by Cleburne County, Alabama

God’s truth to all who would follow Him:   John 15:19 The world would love you if you belonged to it; but you don’t—for I chose you to come out of the world, and so it hates you.

A 33 hour old newborn ripped from his mother’s breast while peacefully nursing and bonding after birth was marched down to the Anniston RMC nursery unit where he was unceremoniously deposited into an isolette and left to scream. There he remained with no consolation, not held, and alone all night until he coughed up blood. Medical records verify the incarcerated baby had no emergency until after he was taken. Best interests of the child or best interests of the state?
His crime? His parents apparently had the wrong religion for the remote northeastern Alabama county they were backpacking through on their quest to get closer to God. The hospital had penciled “odd beliefs” across the top of the document stating their reasons for taking the child. Those beliefs not only remain with the couple but have actually been strengthened after seven torturous months of separation from their baby. They have been subjected to constant humiliation and accusations from those who hold their infant captive in the relentless persecution against simple Christian faith.
Coming from non-religious upbringing, they each made the decision to follow Christ. Neither had any vices needing renouncing nor criminal records, and there were no shameful pasts they were running from. To the contrary, they had lived lives of significant accomplishments which included earning college degrees, receiving many awards, and performing well at some great jobs. Christian had even given several years of his life to care for the ailing grandparents who had raised him. It was Danielle who had first become inspired to take their missionary journey. When she realized her lucrative job not only consumed every waking moment but was stressing her body with the potential to adversely affect their baby she determined the pregnancy should become her primary focus. After having suffered several miscarriages and having doctors tell her she would probably never have children, the Holms were believing this to be their miracle baby. Her husband agreed to his wife’s wishes and decided it would be the perfect time to get close to nature and each other. They sold possessions and prepared for both the journey and the baby.
The young converts embarked upon their quest to embrace nature and walk as Christ did. They learned more from their Bible each day as they continued to read from it. The months had been life-changing, a joyous time of love culminating in a rare en caul birth with a healthy boy, the living proof of Yahweh’s blessing. Her natural diet and previous experience as an award winning fitness expert combined with the careful attentiveness of her partner had made the adventure better than they could have hoped. Good prenatal care along the way had assured them baby was doing well. Their car had been put into storage at the point of their journey when they arrived at Montgomery for “the walk”. It remained filled with baby items and the remaining possessions they would need to get started again right after the birth. Christian carried a large pack with everything they needed and Danielle carried the pack stuffed with baby clothes. Whenever she would get tired he would take the baby pack from her and carry that too. They stayed in motels for a few nights at a time whenever she had needed extra rest or just to avoid the heat. Along their hiking journey they learned many things about each other and the God they had decided to follow.
Their decision, however, proved disastrous for their baby and for them. Individuals well familiar with Title IVe federal incentives found an easy mark and the beautiful little Caucasian baby was highly marketable. The couple was slotted for a special category where the child could be removed according to DSM 4 and DSM 5 regulations. The secret trials of Cleburne County have produced few conclusions other than the parents now stand accused of mental illness, have been recommended to receive forced medications, and must submit to lifetime therapy for their “religiosity”. The baby, taken before he could even be named has had all of his civil rights violated, as has his parents. After four judges have recused themselves from the nightmare of this judicial travesty the case will first be adjudicated May 23, 2017.
What can be done? Let’s start with what has already been done. Immediately after being evicted from the hospital when the anesthesia had sufficiently left Danielle’s body permitting her to walk to the front door (no complimentary wheelchair escort), the doors were locked and a guard hired to protect the hospital from the stunned, non-threatening parents. They reported the kidnapping to the FBI, called media, filed complaints, appealed to Montgomery DHR task force, filed complaints with the local sheriff, contacted the State Attorney General, fired four attorneys before giving up on them entirely, contacted legislators, appeared before the Grand Jury, faced hostile courtroom situations where they learned for the first time what Miranda really means, have had falsified medical records entered into court, have been subjected to retroactive Child Support, and have been ordered under threat of jail to tell no one what is happening. Are they stopping? Not ever. After 15 months, baby remains incarcerated. Title IV federal incentives prove once again no child in America is safe.

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  1. I think we need to address the fact that the death of Senator Nancy Schaefer needs to be investigated with ties to Clinton’s. This could potentially spark his interest and make huge strides.


  2. I wish Nancy Schaefer’s murder would be investigated or at least put under the microscope of the national media. She deserves that much respect and more. The Clinton’s have ties to so many things that one can’t keep track of it all, and apparently they have a get-home-free card they get to use in this lifetime.
    It is a joy to watch the swamp draining as President Trump seems to stay more than busy and on top of multiple issues facing America, but Title IVe kidnappings under color of law stand alone on their own merit. This one issue can take down the kingdom. When people discover that “their” child is not safe, NO child is safe, and we are churning out little slaves to pedophile sex traffickers by handing them our beloved offspring, then everyone will also realize there are no longer any Constitutional protections. With this bitter reality, we can’t even have a nation. The story must get out. We, the people, are the media. We share.


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