Strict Rules for a Last Visit

Waite Family Destroyed for Title IVe

Another Loving American Family Loses Everything, no crime, no reason, no justice, no more boys.

How many parents are going to go through this before somebody takes action? Every 34 minutes in America another child is taken for no real reason other than they can be adopted and this will provide the state with Title IVe funds. Whose child will be next? None are safe. You can tell that from watching this video. What will they say YOU did to deserve to lose YOUR family?
Each child is worth a small fortune. The public is told we have an opioid epidemic. More money is requested by lawmakers. All child protection departments are a private industry. You can own stock in their companies. Most of the “village” that feed off of the stolen slaves own shares. Salary plus dividends.
Most parents don’t get this final visit. One must submit to strict rules in order to get this far. Most parents are cut off from visits near the end in order to break the bonding and facilitate the adoption. I have heard horror stories of what they tell the children. Parents are denied visitation when they come to scheduled visitations and children are brought to unscheduled visits that parents know nothing about and then the kids are told their parents don’t want to see them anymore. They are told they have forgotten about them and don’t love them.
What happens next to many of these children is a living death. They are advertised on internet pick-a-child sites with pictures and suggestive advertising. Money is offered for getting one. Could it get any better in this modern slave auction? Imagine who it is that is wanting kids and for what reasons? Or imagine who it is that needs extra income to supplement their disability income, when in fact children are removed due to a parent’s being disabled. Imagine being sex-trafficked and worse. Every bit of this happens constantly. The reality is children are tortured, starved, beaten, raped, and murdered. The internet is full of their stories. People might want to believe the stories aren’t real. Well, the death certificates are.
This family was once everything we all hope each of our families can be, the epitome of the strength of America, the future. All gone with one final snapshot to commemorate. Rise up, people! Make somebody hear!
 (In Yvette’s words) My sons are going to be adopted to a banker.  They were moved to another county.  Shasta county did not provide referrals to complete the classes as they only had specific providers they did services thru.  They terminated our rights knowing we did not do drugs or drink, we are both honor student at Shasta college.  We have completed all our classes and continued counseling after reunification was terminated and it was wasted time putting us thru wasted classes for the intent of adoption from the beginning. Right before this visit my son, Mako, nearly drowned. The seven year old had to rescue him.
I don’t need to tell a story. The video says enough.

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