The Grand Sham

Assistant DA


Danielle’s words of September 15, 2018:

Remember when I was assaulted and the assistant DA told the investigators at the sheriff departments to not investigate it after I filed a report? I then went to the assistant DA asking why he was refusing me a fair investigation and he said they would investigate and bring it to a grand jury ONLY AFTER I would not take no for an answer? Well, the entire grand jury was berating me, mocking me, trying to intimidate me and I knew there was something wrong. Only about 4 people were genuine.

Well guess what, one of the jurors ran into us the other day. We did not recognize this person at first but they approached us and said this:

“I was in that jury that day and what they did to you was disgusting. They had at least 70 cases that day and every single one of them was guilty (mostly drugs) . They saved your case for last, briefed us and said it would be quick and it was most likely non guilty (meaning no assault happened before the kidnapping) but they could ask whatever they wanted. They then told the ones who gave a GUILTY verdict to the assailant that it was NOT GUILTY and that was it. At least 4 of us stood up and said NO and this went on for 3 days and I could not sleep. At least 4 people voted for the truth and they were shut down.” (This explains why the courthouse took so long to give us a verdict.)

This person went on to say how it was OVERWHELMINGLY GUILTY and how the assistant DA in the room and attorney in the room were fighting them for a not guilty for this mystery woman who assaulted me.

This person who approached us did not give us a name, but was very angry and said he/she knew what they did to us and how the jury was absolutely rigged. They said they had NEVER seen anything like that before and they literally could not sleep over it.

Not like we did not already know this but it was an emotional moment to have a tiny bit of confirmation from an actual witness of what has happened TO us.

All in the name of saving face and hiding kidnapping our son. And by the way, THEY STILL NEVER INVESTIGATED NOR CALLED OUR WITNESSES!!!

We will never disclose who approaches us and speaks truth to us, because this is what we need and we do not want THEM to give up. They can disclose their own names if they so choose. But I can say, there are people who know what’s going on and sick of it and I will not lose hope in our brothers and sisters who come forward to stand with truth. We just need much more of it on a mass level.

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