Thanks to EVERYONE’S efforts, stolen newborn who was illegally cut from captured pregnant mother during a routine ER visit at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, CT, has been successfully returned after 2 years!

Kidnapping under color of law. It happens everyday and in every state, but not quite as dramatically as this one. And the parents caught it on video!

Traveling couple who found themselves suddenly trapped in Middlesex Emergency Room after stopping in for a quick check-up, had both hands of pregnant patient tied down, force medicated with instant unsafe c-section which was done while mother screamed and yelled in protest. After quickly cutting mother and stealing near full-term baby Sofia, she was nearly dropped during the procedure. Staff had told parents just previous to surgery that baby was fine and mother was not in labor. That quickly changed. Medical records state they had to do C-section in short order because the patient did not consent!! From time of patient arrival to sitting in a room talking with a child protection social worker who was informing them they were going to take the baby, it all took less than an hour.

This Facebook link has the mother’s words and more of this story.

We will continue to support this Christian family who successfully fought off being systematically destroyed by child-traffickers masquerading as health care professionals. They were always exceptional people and the ones who hurt them seriously misjudged who they were dealing with!

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