Initial Shelter Care Hearing

This would be the last time the Holms ever trusted their government or the system in place to represent justice. This was the first hearing they would attend, their state appointed attorneys having assured them immediately before court that if they answered all the questions asked they would get their baby back.

Hours before, they had known the greatest joy, delivering a healthy baby boy in RMC Hospital in Anniston, Alabama. The social worker and police officer who had suddenly entered their room that night and grabbed the baby were now in front of them once more, but lying on the witness stand in order to seal the deal of keeping the Holm’s newborn kidnapped under color of law. Danielle realizes what they are doing but is helpless to do anything about it. The attorneys assigned to them are also paid by the state. The trap is set, the noose is tightened and the baby will never be returned.  What Miranda really means…


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