You too can be declared schizophrenic! Government solutions to life’s little challenges.

The Judge and State’s Paid Professional Witness, Edith Couch

This is a brief excerpt from the Judge Turner status conference. I thought it important to preface this note with this important part of the Christian and Danielle Holm kidnapping of their newborn. These few words show the mentality of the secret courts towards the constitutional rights of American citizens. It also demonstrates perfectly how our legal system has digressed from the function of its original purpose to uphold law and order. You may read the full transcript here.

Premise One, an important one. Religious freedoms no longer exist.

Judge’s words: I can’t let your religious thoughts and beliefs interfere with what I think is best for your child.

Premise Two. How the constitution is relegated in regards to its importance within our courts. Also, rule of law, one of those pesky legal matters.

Judge’s words: At this point, your constitutional issues are not that important to me. I am concerned about what’s best for your son. So let’s not get hung up in theory and academics and legal matters.

Premise Three. The state decides how you must live, how and where you give birth, and how you raise your child. If you are not politically correct enough, they take the kids.

Judge’s words: You want to tell windmills with your faith and constitution and religion? Go ahead. I’m more concerned about roofs over people’s heads, food, clothing, shelter, and medicine to make sure they have a healthy, happy, normal life. You can philosophy with them all you want once you get him back, but you’re not going to get him back until you do the basic stuff. You can educate them all day long without your philosophies, religions, and…

Christian: Oh, I don’t have any philosophies. I completely agree with you. All I’m stating is that the reason why we are here today is all on lies.

Judge: What?

Christian: It’s because of lies on a petition.

Premise Four: This is how religious and constitutional freedoms are regarded in SECRET court (that is the court you will be in after they take your kids based on hearsay)

Judge: … Now listen to me. I can wrap this up pretty quick. If you don’t like the way I’ve handled this here today, file something, file a law suit, whatever. I can recuse also. This can drag on for another two months and you can come back and espouse about the constitution and your religion. In the meantime I would suggest you get on board with what…

Premise Five: You do NOT have freedom to travel as guaranteed in the Constitution.

Judge: ….oh, by the way, you should know you just don’t get him back and take off. You understand that, don’t you? Christian: We don’t have freedom to migrate? Judge: No. Christian: No? Judge: That would be a no. Christian: So we are bound to Alabama now? Judge: For a little while. You’ll get used to it. You’ll like it. You’re gonna be a ————-to your son. Danielle: I actually feel… Judge: Get your….get your feet on the ground, you know, get some… Christian: We don’t like it here. Judge: Yeah, well, no. My mom didn’t like it here and she ended up staying here 50 years, so.

Premise Six: You must belong to a religion that is licensed by the state. If you say you are a missionary, you must have an oversight board and an acceptable theology.

Christian: We were missionaries. Judge: Yeah. Well you are a missionary without an oversight board and you’re a missionary without a theology, and you’re a missionary… Premise Seven: Your religious beliefs will be mocked in a court of law.

Christian and Danielle: God is the head of the household. Judge: Yeah, right. You keep believing that. Christian: We do.

Moving on to the real purpose of sharing this note.

The following are abbreviated excerpts from professional testimony given in Holm trial proving the legal argument for potential schizophrenia being diagnosed in all of us! Full testimony found in

Why would the government need the power to have anyone or everyone be declared mentally ill? It gives them carte blanche power to incarcerate, medicate, and keep anyone in subjection without court trial or civil rights. Taking your child is the epitome of extortion and control. It deals with the messy problem of constitutional rights of anyone presenting a challenge to prevailing beliefs or ruling authorities presently in power. Neat and tidy. Dictatorship under a ruling oligarchy, oppressive and inescapable.

Please consider as you read along in the following transcripts involving a state contracted professional witness, Ms. Couch: Ms. Couch and the Judge are very good friends. 

Mr. Schlenker: In your expert opinion would that be assumed or would you believe that to be absolutely necessary for someone who is schizophrenic to have custody of their child to be actively engaged on a pharmacological regimen as well as a cognitive therapy regimen?

Ms. Couch: Yes, sir. Mr. Schlenker: And, are you also familiar with delusional disorder? Ms. Couch: I am. Mr. Schlenker: What is delusional disorder? Ms. Couch: Delusional disorder is more of a non-bizarre thought process. There is some truth, perhaps, in their delusion. They are able to function more effectively than someone with psychosis…

Ms. Couch: …and the difference between the delusion and the psychosis is that delusion is an entire break from reality, whereas delusion is inappropriate beliefs that are not based on the way the person was born or the culture that they were raised in. Mr. Schlenker: As part of the DSM4’s statements of what might be someone with delusional disorder, specifically as part of the DSM4’s list of what would be some of the criteria for delusional disorder on page 326 there is a…

Ms. Couch: The persecutory type? Mr. Schlenker: Yes, ma’am. Ms. Couch: Sub-type applies when the central theme of the delusion involves a person’s belief that he or she is being conspired against, spied on, followed, poisoned or drugged, maliciously maligned, harassed or obstructed in the pursuit of long-term goals. Small slights may be exaggerated and become the focus of a delusional system. The focus of the delusion is often on some injustice that must be remedied by legal action, paranoia, and the affected person may engage in repeated attempts to obtain satisfaction by appeal to the courts and other government agencies. Individuals with persecutory delusions are often resentful and angry and may resort to violence against those that they believe are hurting them. Mr. Schlenker: Would that be of a concern to you, someone with a delusional disorder who was under…well, first off…someone who had a delusional disorder would that be a concern to you having custody of a child? Ms. Couch: Yes. Mr. Schlenker: And why is that? Ms. Couch: Because of the persecution they always feel slight. They always feel that someone is against them, and they will resort to either violence, legal action, or other actions in order to have their needs met.

(Danielle Holm’s words: In the United States the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” is now construed as delusional and in such cases it is concerning when those people have children? What kind of world are we living in right now?)

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Legal action to have our needs met is schizophrenic. Now who would have ever thought that would be grounds for insanity? … So legal action (the very thing the kidnappers are taking against you, the parents) is off the table for recourse.)

Mr. Schlenker: Could that put a child in immediate danger? Ms. Couch: If it is part of the delusion, yes.

(Danielle’s words: Let me get this straight. A private company which receives federal funding from the government, kidnaps a child with NO pick up order, NO warrant, NO emergency, NO CAUSE whatsoever, no abuse, no neglect; the innocent father and mother petitions the government for a redress of grievances in every way they can which is their absolute right to do, also sends letters to state the violations and laws against their family in order to steal and keep their child, with higher courts and higher officials, and this is seen as delusional and puts our child in immediate danger?)

Mr. Schlenker: If someone was suffering from the type that you just read about, would that cause you concern? Ms. Couch: Yes. Mr. Schlenker: Okay, and would it be for the same reasons? Ms. Couch: Yes. Mr. Schlenker: Now, what would be the course of treatment for someone who was suffering from delusional disorder? Ms. Couch: The same treatment as schizophrenia, psychopharmacology and counseling, because delusional disorder even though given its own diagnosis in the DSM4…um…under the DSM5 has been moved to the schizophrenia ———–.

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: If you protest your government, hire lawyers to defend your rights, contest unfair actions violating your civil rights, you need to be forcefully medicated and put into subjection of re-education until your mental attitude improves and you decide to submit to the prevailing method of getting shafted by public policies.)

Mr. Schlenker: So delusional is an offshoot of schizophrenia itself. Ms. Couch: It’s one of the diagnostic criteria under positive symptoms. Mr. Schlenker: Now, you have mentioned earlier that also family support would be important. Ms. Couch: It’s important. Mr. Schlenker: Can you tell us what you would be looking for with family support? Ms. Couch: With family support? Schizophrenia is a difficult disease and oftentimes the person with schizophrenia or delusional disorders, they do not think that they have any problems, so they are less likely to seek treatment. They are less likely to take medication. They have some cognitive issues that are distorted and they are not very responsive to therapy because they don’t believe that they are delusional or their distorted thoughts or faults, and so it takes family to be able to help them understand the deficits. They need support because a lot of times they don’t find support within the community and it helps….someone else is there to safeguard against relapse. They may see behaviors and symptoms and be able to get them to the doctor and get them to the therapist before they start that cycle.

Mr. Schlenker: Would it be a concern to you if that family support was actually participating or going along with the delusions?

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Watch out! He’s going to set up Danielle to catch her in this next mental trap.)

Ms. Couch: You mean as in a shared delusion or shared psychosis? Mr. Schlenker: You want to tell the court what that is? Ms. Couch: A shared psychosis or a shared delusion is when there is another person who may have what we refer to as a passive temporal delusion disorder or the ability to have delusions, and it takes someone in active delusion to bring that out. So they already have an issue, and so what that is is that the person who has the delusion is active. Then the passive person’s job is to help them reach their goal or carry out their goals of their delusion.

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: So which one is it? The one who first believed they were persecuted because their newborn was taken or the one who next had that delusion brought out? My guess is the mother will be the maddest, but what do I know? I did learn a lot from this lady. I learned I already have an issue. I believe the whole courtroom is suffering from both active and passive temporal delusion disorder, and also another condition called denial. I believe they help each other carry out their goals of their delusion, i.e. removing babies from loving parents. I believe treatment must include therapy in enforced confinement because no one is safe from the violence they perpetrate against innocent law-abiding citizens.)

(Danielle’s words: What exactly ARE our delusions, I would like to know. Has this ever been addressed? The only thing that has ever come up was our “odd beliefs” of feeling the need to travel by foot for a time as missionaries, sharing love, and speaking of Yeshua and living simply with as least amount of possessions as possible. And the last time I checked, this was Danielle’s decision originally. This was DANIELLE who made this decision to leave HER well paying job, where she was making almost $90,000 WHILE pregnant so that they could be together and enjoy pregnancy together all day everyday. Danielle was stressed out, Christian at the time was suffering from certain physical ailments that we are still trying to get worked out and that walking the countryside actually was starting to help. Danielle wanted to drop her hectic, stressful, indebted, lonely possession filled life to be with her loving husband, nourishing their relationship, and healthily taking care of this pregnancy that meant the world to the both of them because they had already lost two before that because of the STRESS that working a hectic job brought to their lives. It was DANIELLE that suggested we drop it all and follow the will of the Creator and serve life rather than allowing life to serve us. It was DANIELLE who made the first step and suggested we sell all of our possessions and give away a lot of donations to those in need. It was DANIELLE who left her education behind knowing this life is temporary and our eternity is what matters. It is DANIELLE who asked Christian if it was time to take off and love life and bring our baby into the world free of bondage and possessions and full of love. Christian only agreed. He did not force.)

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Danielle, I love the way you express yourself freely. Never change! This court doesn’t understand truth nor do they have any interest in discovering it. They cling to their guns and DSM4s and 5s because it gives them the federal incentive dollars. Misplaced faith.)

Mr. Schlenker: What would be your concerns if you’ve got two parents and one was suffering from schizophrenia or something on the scale, and someone who was also then suffering from shared psychosis?

(Danielle’s words: So, they have FALSIFIED records about Christian with a false diagnoses…that state “schizophrenia”. They have NO records on Danielle. Now, a non medical professional is suddenly “diagnosing” Danielle as having shared psychosis, based on their OPINIONS of how she wants to live life close to Yeshua and close to her loving husband and precious baby? Is this not SLANDER???)

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: It is far worse than slander. This is a crime far worse.)

Ms. Couch: They’d both have to participate in counseling and they would both have to participate in psychopharmacology. When I am talking about family support, I am talking about are the family members have a healthy cognitive outlook? Those would be the ones who would be the support, not the ones who would fall in with the delusion. Mr. Schlenker: Someone who is schizophrenic, is it common that they comply with their regimen of treatment? Ms. Couch: No. Mr. Schlenker: What is the normal prognosis? I’ll strike that. How do people normally react who are treated with…who are diagnosed with schizophrenia and then are undergoing treatment? Ms. Couch: Could you repeat that? Mr. Schlenker: Sure. In people who are undergoing treatment, how does that normally progress through their lifetime? Ms. Couch: They exhibit symptoms. I believe less critical diagnosis is given until they meet certain criteria if its schizophrenia. They participate in counseling. They participate in psychopharmacology, and it stays constant in their life because there’s relapse from this with it. And a lot of times with the medications, the side effects with the medications, the distorted thinking there is a tendency to pull away from counseling or when your medication starts to make you feel better you think that you are okay so you quit taking your medication. And then the cycle begins again. Schizophrenia is treated, not cured.

Mr. Schlenker: Is it common that someone who is under treatment will then suddenly stop taking all their medicine? Ms. Couch: It’s common. Mr. Schlenker: Is it common that they will be doing well and then suddenly make that turn and stop? Ms. Couch: Yes, from what I’ve experienced.

(Danielle’s words: Does this counselor even have any idea what she is doing? Does Schlenker? Do they even know the medication Christian just randomly STOPPED taking???? Well, yes they should, because at the shelter hearing, Christian testified that he WAS on Wellbutrin and ADDERALL and when we started traveling, he slowly came off and was trying to be more natural and allowing nature to heal. Wellbutrin for depression and adderall for ADD. Nothing for Schizophrenia. EVER. If you are a licensed professional who diagnoses and prescribes medications for mental illness, that is ONE DANGEROUS CONCOCTION of medications to give to someone with schizophrenia or even POTENTIAL schizophrenia. You give them that medication together if MAYBE you are trying to MAKE them schizophrenic. You NEVER GIVE THAT COMBINATION TOGETHER if diagnosed with schizophrenia because it could most definitely make their illness MUCH WORSE. But, yet he had been on these medications for years…and they started giving him unwanted side effects, which is why he came off. So, these medications that they are now saying he is dangerously off, WERE NOT EVEN FOR THIS FALSE DIAGNOSES THEY ARE TRYING TO LABEL HIM AS!!!)

Christian: And if one has different views of religion, that’s not schizophrenia, right? Ms. Couch: No. Not per se, no. Christian: Okay. So if one chooses to live a certain way of life, that’s not schizophrenia. Ms. Couch: Not in and of itself, no. Christian: Alright. So let’s say that if someone wanted to live in a more natural state or natural way of life, that’s not schizophrenia, right? Ms. Couch: No. Not put like that. Christian: Okay. All right. Can schizophrenia be cured? Ms. Couch: No. Christian: Are you born with it? Ms. Couch: They believe that there is a genetic factor, so you are born with a tendency, like diabetes, you are born with it. Christian: Okay. Could you tell me why a doctor would prescribe medicines for one diagnosis, then give another diagnosis, then go back to the diagnosis before? Ms. Couch: Why would a doctor do that? Christian: Yes.

Mr. Schlenker: Can religion become an issue, though, with someone who is schizophrenic? Ms. Couch: It can be. There’s a…there’s a fine line between religious…freedom of religious pursuit and what we refer to as religiosity. Mr. Schlenker: And can you tell us what religiosity is? Ms. Couch: That is not my field of expertise. It is a symptom of schizophrenia such as grandiose. The religiosity would cross the line, but I don’t know that I could know how to explain that to you, sorry. But yes, religiosity is an issue. Mr. Schlenker: Okay. Would someone having visions be a symptom of schizophrenia?

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Uh oh…you just condemned Moses, all of the major and minor prophets, Mary and Joseph, Jesus, many of the apostles, and John the revelator. Not to mention ALL the charismatics and pentecostals numbering in the many millions throughout the earth who currently have visions from God. Now what do we do with all these living, untreated, happy, high-functioning people? A never ending kid supply, right?) Ms. Couch: A positive symptom.

(Danielle’s words: Okay, so let’s get this straight…you have positive symptoms…so seeing things, having visions, speaking to God….and then the negative would be when you choose to not be so much in the government’s control and live more natural and not conform? When you have those combined that equals schizophrenia.)

Mr. Schlenker: The belief of the free mason’s persecuting you or causing your ID to disappear, hypothetically, would that be…uh…

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Danielle made a brief reference to a family member in answer to a question the officer asked her at the time of her baby’s kidnapping. There are links verifying this information. Reality is different from delusion. Charles Ramm Holm, Jr., Christian’s grandfather and 33rd degree Mason, is Christian’s lifetime reality of knowing his grandfather worked professionally with several presidents while in their service. And that, Mr. Schlenker is not hypothetical!)

(Danielle’s words: Yes, this is confirmed. Christian and Danielle separated by law enforcement at hospital. Danielle cornered in her hospital bed 33 hours after delivering her first child into the world. Danielle falsely accused of NOT being Danielle, rather being Daniela RUIZ from Arizona and having been back and forth over the Mexican border. Them interrogating her, asking her Christian’s real name…not taking the truth as reality (delusional?), and asking why Christian’s ID and social security may be coming back as “not on file”. Danielle, panicking after having her baby kidnapped off of her breast in the hospital bed, with a racing mind, thinking of any reason they could be mistakenly taking our baby, thought of the one thing she KNEW to be true….that Christian’s grandfather was a high level FREEMASON (IN REAL LIFE)….he worked for President Carter and President Ford, side by side, in their cabinets(IN REAL LIFE). He also worked in the private sector of the government doing things people do not speak of. Christian had security clearance in the past by his grandfather and all that went through Danielle’s mind at the time, was that if that TRULY was the issue and they were not finding Christian’s SS number anywhere MAYBE it was because of the security clearance of his grandfather from the past. This is not completely coming out of left field. MAY be incorrect, but our baby was just stolen and they were telling us our identities were not found!! Even though, he has gotten things done with his social security number MULTIPLE times in the past, even recently…and it’s never been an issue!)

Christian: Objection, your honor. Leading the witness.

Mr. Schlenker: Hypothetically.

Judge: Go ahead. Christian: They are offering as truth.

Judge: I believe you did say hypothetically, but just in case you didn’t why don’t we start over with that and rephrase. Mr. Schlenker: Hypothetically. Yes, ma’am…Alright, so hypothetically, if someone claims that the Free Masons were persecuting them would that be a symptom of schizophrenia?

(Danielle’s words: Yes, maybe if that was STATED….but that was never stated by either of us!! I, merely only in my scared mind after the kidnapping and when ASKED by Stacy Jackson why Christian’s SS number was coming back as “not on file”, the reason I gave that could be POSSIBLE was maybe his grandfather who at ONE POINT IN TIME before he died, had the power to make phone calls and get certain things done. NEVER did anyone say anything about this being a conspiracy with Freemasons….BUT, now…we are wondering….)

Ms. Couch: Under persecution? Yeah.

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Uh-oh. Many believe similar things about the Free Masons as being a cult affecting or subjecting the masses to their brand of manipulation. Although it is a secret organization, enough of them have left it and ratted the rest out, publicizing their documents and creeds. None of us believe that they are persecuting us specifically or personally (and neither do the Holms) yet we hold the Free Masons to their stated beliefs contained in the doctrine of Free Masonry, especially the Masons holding higher degrees in the organization. Does that mean ALL of us now have schizophrenia? Is Free Masonry an American psychiatric sacred cow while Christianity has become a case for enforced mental treatment? )

Mr. Schlenker: Hypothetically if a parent believed that their child was a prophet, would that be a symptom of schizophrenia?

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: He got the Christian’s again. Are people of faith paying attention to what is happening here in American courtrooms? Not saying the Holms even said this but for those who don’t know, prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and people are born with gifts. Parents in charismatic churches are looking for the gift of prophecy to emerge in their child because the Bible says it is the best gift. Multitudes of parents are teaching their children about the gifts and leading them in the ways of the Holy Spirit as found in the New Testament because they want to encourage the operation of the gift of prophecy in their children. Acts 2:17 in the Message translation of the Bible makes it easy to understand what all Christians believe. That’s when Peter stood up and, backed by the other eleven, spoke out with bold urgency: “Fellow Jews, all of you who are visiting Jerusalem, listen carefully and get this story straight. These people aren’t drunk as some of you suspect. They haven’t had time to get drunk—it’s only nine o’clock in the morning. This is what the prophet Joel announced would happen: “In the Last Days,” God says, “I will pour out my Spirit on every kind of people: Your sons will prophesy, also your daughters; Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams. When the time comes, I’ll pour out my Spirit On those who serve me, men and women both, and they’ll prophesy. I’ll set wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below, Blood and fire and billowing smoke, the sun turning black and the moon blood-red, Before the Day of the Lord arrives, the Day tremendous and marvelous; And whoever calls out for help to me, God, will be saved.” God wrote the book. Maybe He is schizophrenic too?)

Ms. Couch: Yes, that would go along with religiosity.

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Two billion people are Christian. One half a billion of those are charismatic who believe in the operation and gifts of the Holy Spirit AND who believe their children could be prophets. Roll that page up from your DSM5 textbook and smoke it.)

Mr. Schlenker: Hypothetically if a parent believed that a child was somehow divine, would that be a symptom of schizophrenia?

Ms. Couch: Under religiosity, delusional disorder.

Mr. Schlenker: No other questions.

Christian: Would you have the same answers if Joseph and Mary were asking the same questions?

Ms. Couch: (Big sigh)…oh…if Joseph and Mary were to ask me the same questions?

Christian: Yes, ma’am. If they were here present today? How would you answer? Yes?

Ms. Couch: Yes.

Christian: You would answer the same way?

Ms. Couch: I suppose so.

Christian: So you would say that Joseph and Mary had schizophrenia?

Ms. Couch: Based on the knowledge of this culture, of this society and the historical evidence, if a Mary and Joseph type person were to present themselves today, then yes.

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Everything is all in place. They are not going to stop at taking our children. The Christians are slated for incarceration with psychopharmocology until re-educated, because according to DSM4 and DSM5 we are all in need of treatment and we could be a danger to society. Anyone besides me connecting these dots?)

(Danielle’s words: This is mind boggling. Their “expert witness” just testified that JOSEPH AND MARY WOULD BE SCHIZOPHRENIC IF HERE TODAY…..Keep that in mind folks…When Yeshua comes back, he WILL be DEEMED delusional and schizophrenic. Will he find any faith??)

Christian: Do you believe in Jesus?

Ms. Couch: Yes. Christian: Okay, but you don’t believe in Joseph and Mary.

Ms. Couch: I do.

Christian: You do believe in Joseph and Mary?

Ms. Couch: I do believe in Joseph and Mary.

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: They were historic figures who actually lived, along with Jesus. It is what one believes about these historical figures that separates us.)

(Danielle’s words: Right. She does not believe they could be prophets or of God in any way, if she believes they would be schizophrenic.)

Christian: Do you believe people can have different beliefs?

Ms. Couch: They can.

Christian: Does that mean that they are schizophrenic?

Ms. Couch: (nearly inaudible) No. Christian: I have no further questions. Judge: Guardian?

Guardian: Just a couple. Ms. Couch, you testified that people have the diagnosis of schizophrenia will relapse——————-.

Ms. Couch: Yes, ma’am. Guardian: Generally, how often does relapse happen, and if it does is there a certain period of time that occurs? Is it immediate? I guess shed some light on that. Ms. Couch: With schizophrenia it depends on the person, on the age of onset. Schizophrenia generally hits in the prime of your life which makes it the more devastating. But every time you have…if you are non medicated and you have a psychotic episode, they believe that or..what I’ve been educated on and taught in the hospital…was that that has some residual effect on the brain, and so that diminishes the ability to overcome the next psychotic break. And that’s why the medication is to keep those psychotic breaks from happening…

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Lifetime enforced drugging using psychotropic medications)

Ms. Couch: …and increasing the chemical imbalance in the brain. Relapse proneness depends on the stress..

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Hahahahahah! Having a bit of difficulty trying to get these supposed schizophrenics to break? The more stress you give the Holms the better they perform. Could any of us in the same situation do as well, I ask you?)

(Danielle’s words: DEPENDS ON THE STRESS. Yes, We are STRESSED. HOLDING THE WORLD ON OUR SHOULDERS. THE GOVERNMENT ON OUR SHOULDERS, TRYING TO SAVE OUR BABY and get out of this ungodly state. STRESS? Illegal search and seizure, kidnapping our baby, without our baby for 6 months, dealing with slander, malicious attacks on our bodies, minds and spirits, threats, and PRESSURE of knowing your every move is watched and if you slip up ONE TIME you could lose your baby forever because that’s what they are hoping for….could ANY true unmedicated schizophrenic deal with this STRESS??)

Ms. Couch: Schizophrenics don’t like a lot of external stimuli, a lot of social interactions…

(Susan Dunn Cobb: Lol! They are missionaries!!!! It’s nothing but social interactions! And they are continuing to be missionaries!!!! And they are still loving their enemies. Haha!)

(Danielle’s words: Guess this is why they don’t like us standing on the streets speaking the word and protesting the truth and sharing on Facebook and representing ourselves in court.)

Ms. Couch: So there are some things that would set them off, so to say. So, with each person it is different with their ability to pull themselves back into reality. It’s different so there is really not a pat answer but it is…there’s no treat…there’s no cure for it.

Guardian: Hypothetically speaking, if someone had a diagnosis of schizophrenia, removed themselves from their medication, would you feel comfortable with them caring for an infant?

Christian: Objection. Ask and answer. Judge: Sustained.

Mr. Kirby: Before we take five, we offer the records weren’t necessarily used for impeachment purposes so they need to be deemed inadmissible again. Mr. Schlenker: Your honor, I’m lost with it. We have been over the records before. The records were not used at all in that testimony. I am confused as to why we are going back over. Mr. Kirby: Right, but I think you admitted them for impeachment purposes and we are asking that they be excluded completely again and not used for any further testimony. Mr. Schlenker: I object. This has been raised. The court has ruled. It has been raised. The court has ruled. Judge, we would ask that if counsel wants to note it for the record, fine, but then I think it’s… Christian: Objection. Leading a judge. Mr. Kirby: The state didn’t necessarily use….didn’t use the records for impeachment so I think they need to go back to the same status they… Judge: I’ve already ruled on that. We didn’t allow Ms. Couch to utilize those records. I think at this juncture in relation to Ms. Couch your objection is duly overruled, and I’m assuming that’s where you are going…to this particular witness with these records to make sure we aren’t using them in that conjunction, correct? Or am I misconstruing… Mr. Kirby: No. I’m talking about future testimony. I mean they were deemed inadmissible prior to Mr. Schlenker’s correct motion, I guess to bring them in as admissible under…for impeachment purposes but they were not used for impeachment purposes.


Mr. Schlenker: Judge, I offered them for the impeachment for the purposes of the testimony that the court had previously taken judicial knowledge of with regards to parent’s testimony at the shelter care.

(Danielle’s words: Yeah, the testimony that he actually spoke the TRUTH of….NOT SCHIZOPHRENIA…)

Judge: And in addition, those were the same records that were utilized when Mr. Holm was on the stand. Mr. Schlenker: Correct. Judge: And that was the limited scope I said was admissible for impeachment. Very limited. Mr. Schlenker: Correct. And that was all they have been used for. They were… Christian: It was acknowledged but not with those… Mr. Schlenker: Acknowledged…Objection. One of them gets to argue, Judge. Judge: And that’s correct. Mr. Kirby, that’s your motion to argue. Again, we are going over semantics, at the same thing…it was very limited, very limited. Not carte blanche that you can come in here later on and say…very limited. Mr. Holm testified at shelter care. This is what he said. Mr. Holm testified at the adjudication phase the last time we were here. This is what he said. For impeachment purposes here is what the records say, not what the truth of the matter is asserted. Very limited.

(Danielle’s words: Actually, Judge…Christian testified ONE time…at the shelter hearing, and he spoke ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that needed to be KNOWN at that time to show we had done nothing to harm our baby. We testified to the TRUTH of everything and that INCLUDED the truth of his diagnoses even though he was under NO OBLIGATION to surrender his privacy to you…he did so anyway, to get his baby back home. You chose to not send him home anyway! And his testimony did not nor would it change. He did NOT testify to having schizophrenia, nor would he because he does not have schizophrenia NOR was he ever TOLD of a schizophrenia diagnosis. If there IS one somewhere, it is FALSE and based on the same OPINIONS the state is forming on his RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. You just said he testified at the shelter hearing and said this, and testified at the adjudicatory hearing and said something else…this is not true. Because of this very reason, of everything being maliciously twisted and used against us we did NOT testify at the adjudicatory hearing and instead we PLED THE 5th because everything can and will be used against you in the court of DHR. Therefore, your “impeachment” process with FALSE RECORDS is based on NOTHING because Christian cannot be impeached based on testifying to the truth ONCE and then not testifying at all the second time.)

Mr. Kirby: Okay. If the records were used in the shelter care hearing… Judge: They were not used in the shelter care. I keep forgetting you weren’t here. I’m sorry.

(Danielle’s words: No, they were not judge, good point. They did not HAVE records at the shelter case hearing despite having on the petition “mental health concerns” They had no facts or evidence of this, even though it was SUPPOSEDLY sworn to in front of YOU in order for you to “sign” your pick up order to STEAL our child. Concerns based on 15 minutes spent with us at the hospital speaking of WHY WE WERE TRAVELING AS MISSIONARIES. No medical records…nothing…but opinion of an uneducated, ungodly, SOCIAL WORKER. )

(Susan Dunn Cobb’s words: Keep in mind, you can be declared as schizophrenic: schizoaffective disorder just from having a traumatic childhood background. That diagnosis is made from the initial intake interview while the nice counselor gathers your history. Still feeling okay about taking their mental evaluation test?)

This was first published as a Facebook note, but I was just recently informed it violated community standards. Hmmmm…..We are on to something here.

Wait until they see the next thing we will publish!

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