Advocate’s Toolbox – Bit torrent link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3db78d630392b199f4e6b25a05ca21d622ab952a&dn=Advocates%20Toolbox.pdf

(or) view the PDF posted in files on this Facebook group:

Find within this manual hundreds of useful links regarding child predator services. Access your free copy from the following bit torrent link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:

This is a tool box. What anyone does with a tool box varies from one person to the next, but I have used it creatively for quite some time and found it to be very effective in getting a powerful message across. That message is our children are being stolen and Pied Piper in the form of Child Protection Services isn’t bringing them back! Title IV must be rescinded and Child Protection Services must be abolished for our nation to survive. If we can’t protect our own children, then we no longer have a nation.

At the time of this publication the links shared were all active. As you know, that is subject to change at any time. What I’ve learned is use it as soon and as often as you can. The trolls have also taught me about screenshot, so yes, there’s that too. If anyone has information or proof of falsehood with anything I’ve shared, please let me know. We all want truth. Gossip, slander, and trolling will not be considered truth. If you have trolled me in the past, please understand that I may now regard your opinion with less consideration than you feel you deserve. The people who have lost their children or work on behalf of them are the main focus and intended recipients of this “tool box”.

There are many ways to use the enclosed information, both offensively and defensively. Many of the links lead to articles that are filled with references and proofs, these references often proving to be the most valuable resource. You can build stories, refute arguments, create concepts, demolish your opponent’s false statements, find answers to facts and have them at your fingertips, create memes, or become inspired through what you find in here. I hope you do all of this and more.

We fight this battle in many different ways but with the same goal in mind. Getting our babies home and children protected from traffickers is most important. Defending our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic means our civilization may continue. There are many fronts in this war but we can all agree that babies should never be front line soldiers!

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