Meghan Walsh vs John Walsh’s Termination of Parental Rights of Her Stolen Children – August 10th & 11th, 2022, Vero Beach, FL

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A day in Vero Beach courthouse for the scheduled Termination of Parental Rights of Meghan Walsh for her children, who were stolen by her father, John Walsh, using the private corporation of Indian River County Dept of Children and Families (DCF).

There were no charges, no violations, no abuse, no neglect, no evidence, and no due process. Meghan and children had the peace and safety of their home suddenly invaded. They were violently assaulted by a government they trusted to protect them, but it was just another typical day of kidnapping under color of law, which happens across our nation every day to loving parents of healthy children. Ex Parte -hearings are held in secret meetings, they come and grab children of unsuspecting parents, and then are soon never see again.

This concludes two days of Meghan Walsh’s TPR. Judge gave himself and Vero Beach, Florida 30 days to decide how to handle this high profile secret case. John Walsh has connections of great power. I’d hate to be Judge Meadows.
Meghan now can’t rescue her children from enduring the same torture she went through as a child.
Jesus said to count the cost before following him. He knew.

Whatever happens, people deserve to know! This unconstitutional tyranny must be abolished! No child is safe!

The following link is a montage of the last day at the secret court hearing, along with some conclusions…

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