What has John Walsh accomplished with the disappearance of one little boy, his son, Adam? The mystery unraveled…


Meghan Walsh Special Edition Kidnapping Chronicles (John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted Gets Exposed by Daughter June 2022)

These are the links to the 3 powerful videos described in this expose. In addition, the 4th link is the referenced Corey’s Digs with many highlighted proofs and references.

The kidnapping of Meghan Walsh’s 5 day old daughter from a private home where she had just recently been delivered https://youtu.be/Bcyx3hXdqfA

The next video is from Punished No More & Free To Protect. It is one of the many interviews Meghan Walsh has given, and I consider it one of the best. It was made previous to the birth of her baby, Esther, and the immediate kidnapping.

This is a riveting interview where John Walsh’s son, Adam, reveals himself to the world for the first time in a YouTube video Punished4Protecting, again by Francesca Amato.

Protesting at Vero Beach, FL, on the street two days before Meghan Walsh’s TPR at Vero Beach Courthouse, Aug 10 and 11, 2022.


The Corey’s Digs link is being provided as it contains a wealth of documents, evidence, and information which is invaluable to the discovery of making worldwide connections with child sex trafficking and the NCMEC and ICMEC. Some of the links have been scrubbed but I found copies of those missing files on the archives he provided.


I have been having interesting experiences on my YouTube channel since publishing the Meghan Walsh Special Edition Kidnapping Chronicles June 2022. For whatever reason it took over 30 hours to upload. Right after I pushed Premiere (believing it would be a short time for uploading) an individual, Amanda Negrete popped on asking when it would be available. I presumed she was a friend. Silly me. 30 hours later, around 10PM the next night, the video finally published. Soon after, this individual posted a threat. For those who don’t know me, this got me excited and very happy. I delight in responding to threats, and so I did. Our comments were published on Youtube. However, they are not viewable at the moment, and neither are a few from friendly folks congratulating me on my video. Hmmm…I love mysteries. So, on that note I am posting a screenshot of Negrete’s threatening comment and my response to her. My family atm remains unable to view any of these comments, but they do have the Negrete link and when you go to it, you can read her warning. Mine, however, doesn’t seem to show up.

Don’t you love adventure? Don’t you love discovering how we are being corralled like sheep into our pens (believing we are getting out to the world with our internet warfare? lol.

Negrete’s greeting to me in the comment section of YouTube.

Susan Cobb
8 hours ago
This is a reply to Amanda Negrete: You waited up for so many hours (over 30) to deliver your well written threat. Nice to make your acquaintance too. Yes, I do realize I am joining in with Meghan Walsh to take on global child sex trafficking and those involved in that criminal cartel of modern slavery don’t like it. I have been researching for several years and have considerable evidence not presented on this video. Meghan has provided many missing links AND she has proof in more than a few hands. One thing we all know (and that is without any additional evidence), we know John Walsh has kidnapped Meghan’s children!
You apparently didn’t like to hear all the connections I made with various child sex criminals in high places. It’s quite shocking to hear that put together, isn’t it? Meghan has a right to speak freely of her life growing up with JW and also her inside information she discovered in the last couple years. She has made many interviews. Many. I chose what I felt was the best link to share.
Adam also has a right to share his life story. The link I shared of his interview is riveting. Other people have a right to share what they have learned and know. You can’t keep a lid on truth. Damage control won’t be any more effective than what msm tries to do atm to help the old guy in the white house. Their efforts are an exercise in futility and merely become more fodder for comic relief.
My links to a lot of evidence (and more than I shared) are in the description. What I did that John Walsh may like the least was put it all together for people to make their own conclusions. You can have people imprisoned or permanently silenced, but you can’t control what the whole world thinks. I can go much deeper than this short video allows. I can bring in more information and proof. The evidence given is sufficient for everyone to have their own opinion. John Walsh can’t prevent what people think of him for what he is doing to his daughter and her children.
The world will know what God already knows! You can’t kill us all, Amanda Negrete! More of us are rising up everyday. What use to work to control the masses is over. God gave us freedom, not our Constitution. John Walsh is a mere mortal and he is going to have to deal with the truth of what his two adult children are presenting the world with-in this life and the next.

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