Memorial Day Kidnapping Chronicles (May 30, 2022 Stolen and Abused Children Under Color of Law)

Kidnapping should be daily news? Why? Because over 400,000 beloved children will be kidnapped this year and every year in all 50 states by private corporations disguised as government agencies for their protection. No child is safe. No, not yours either. Which of these stories will activate you in doing something for state stolen and abused children? They are all true and they are definitely news! Links used in this video: Mark & Terri Stemann - Shannon Henderson - 11 Contempt Charges - CPS workers arrested - Detransitioning - Former pres advisor - Missouri juvenile officer - FL Kids Helping Kids Volunteer - Family Resist Rally CA - Broken Girl Unchained & Francesca Amato -… via @YouTube… via @YouTube… via @YouTube

David Jose v. Nationwide CPS Systems, Shows Remedy as Kids Were Stolen Without Law! Summarizing key points from this video. Faculty Publications of University of South Carolina Law School 2010 "Filling the Due Process Donut Hole", John Gupta-Kagan 17:00 You cannot cheat and skip due process, especially when not a judge, especially bypassing the Constitution, especially by fraud-or else the case is null and void. 19:00 The same... Continue Reading →

Advocate’s Toolbox – Bit torrent link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3db78d630392b199f4e6b25a05ca21d622ab952a&dn=Advocates%20Toolbox.pdf

(or) view the PDF posted in files on this Facebook group: Find within this manual hundreds of useful links regarding child predator services. Access your free copy from the following bit torrent link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3db78d630392b199f4e6b25a05ca21d622ab952a&dn=Advocates%20Toolbox.pdf This is a tool box. What anyone does with a tool box varies from one person to the next, but... Continue Reading →

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