Kidnapped Newborn From Maternity Center Showing Signs Of Abuse Under State’s Care

After two foster care placements, the once-healthy newborn son of Christian and Danielle Holm now displays serious developmental issues signifying abuse that he is receiving while in the care of the Cleburne County Department of Human Resources. Danielle, who holds a degree in psychology, reported her observations and concerns after a recent scheduled supervised visit with their baby. In response, the state of Alabama threatened them with a restraining order. There will be no further visits.

Thus continues the behavior of Cleburne County toward the victims of this criminal kidnapping for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining Title IVe federal funds. The Holms had their infant taken from them suddenly at gunpoint, the baby ripped off his mother’s breast from what had been a peaceful family bonding time in an RMC maternity center 33 hours after his birth on October 12, 2016. They were evicted from the hospital premises as soon as the anesthesia wore off enough to permit Danielle to manage the forced walk to the front door, and every attempt since then to recover their stolen infant hasbeen met with all the resources of the state being used to justify the action taken. This is a married couple who had no criminal history, no drug or alcohol use, no mental health deviations, Danielle graduating with honors with three degrees, and their young adult lives previously filled with success. As law abiding citizens, they had no reason not to trust their government.

This website provides the full courtroom transcripts, offered as proof of what the Holms endured and as a warning to everyone that no child is safe. Most are unaware that the state really owns our children and though they might be priceless to the parents who bore them, the truth is that each child is worth a fortune to the village who wants to raise them. As the Holms in seeking justice have exhausted every avenue available, including notifying the FBI of the kidnapping, filing complaints, appearing before the grand jury, filing motions, contacting media, protesting publicly, and meeting with legislators and department representatives in Washington, D.C., it has become apparent to them that their civil rights and those of their child will continue to be disregarded. They cannot hope to compete with the funding that Title IV provides to communities who engage in these illegal seizures of children taken under color of law.

The original charges for removing the infant have all been proven unfounded, except one. They have an odd religious belief. They have been ordered to cease from that belief and to immediately receive medication for their mental health. As is repeatedly stated in the transcripts, members of the court believe they suffer from schizophrenia, category of religiosity, sub category delusions, and they will need to have therapy for the rest of their life. A professional witness was brought in to relay this diagnosis based on her interpretation of the DSM 4 and DSM 5. She stated they have an incurable condition and they will not be allowed to ever raise children. Why? Because they believe they get a
certain knowing from God, or as traditional Christians would put it, “they hear from God”.

Is this not information people of any religious belief should be made aware of? People have a right to know that if they want to keep their children then religious freedom no longer exists. You will hear the shockingproof in the audio tapes of this secret trial.

Children are being removed from loving parents in all 50 states and they are dying in state’s care at a much higher rate than ever happened with biological parents. It seems just about anyone can get a foster care license and some interesting individuals have discovered that fact. 80% of children rescued from sex-traffickers come from state’s care. Thousands of law-abiding citizen’s beloved kids are being destroyed daily by the very act of “protection”, ripped from their parent’s genuine care and given to those who have answered the ads on Craig’s List for a job. These kids are sold on the auction block
across the nation, advertised and marketed on slick professionally designed web pages, and promoted through major media campaigns. No wonder so many are found dead or just go missing.

States have also earned a bad reputation for drugging their dependent children with heavy medicationsthat adults are not even prescribed. Why? A disabled child garners a  bigger piece of the Title IV pie and the money can go directly into the general fund, never having to go to the children. This is not just a civil matter. Neither is it a child custody issue. Rather, it is child stealing and on a massive scale for the purpose of receiving funds fraudulently. The secret courts and automatic gag order makes it much too convenient, don’t you think? Those who benefit from federal incentives for adoption will continue to hide under the fallacy that these trials are not a criminal matter. Constitutional rights trumps statutes and due process is being denied. That’s criminal. The actions of those withsinister motives will remain unabated as the bounty increases  for each hapless, defenseless child. Have we quietly and efficiently had all of our civil and human rights dismissed with a simple policy interpretation?

The Holms will never give up. They say they will walk for everyone’s child, meeting people one by one and telling them what is happening. After learning that no child is safe, I applaud them in this effort. I will also continue to warn people who remain unaware. If we can’t protect our own children, I ask, do we even have a nation?

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