Video Links Made by the Holms


These are a few of the videos made this past year by the Holms. They record every communication with all state representatives of any kind. This includes phone conversations, complaints they have filed, and even casual conversations with different people involved with their case. All recordings may be made released at a future date.

Presentation given in Washington D.C.

Surviving and making sense of what is happening.

Explaining the psychological exam.

1-13-2017 Reporting sexual assault against Danielle Holm.

Attempt to file complaint with DA 1-30-2017.

Feb. 28, 2017 Christian delivers hard truth to DHR.

Feb. 28, 2017 Negative drug test.

4-27-2017. Holms dealing with antagonists while on the street protesting.

Child Support Hearint 6-13-2017.

June 13, 2017. Grand Jury discussion regarding sexual assault.

June 13, 2017. Discussion with FBI agent Bradford.

June 13, 2017. Conversation with Heflin mayor.

Attorney General Office re: jurisdiction 6-13-2017.

6-24-2017 Danielle speaking to the world.

Senator Shelby 6-27-2017.

DHR Meeting 9-26-2017.

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